Our Story

CΠΩTΣ™ is Best Selling Author, Lyricist, Poet, Writer, Producer, and Publisher of an independent music entity, Black Pearl Diamonds Publishing (ASCAP).

Forever, written. 

It took years before CΠΩTΣ would open up to allow anyone to read his writing. There were years before that, when he'd share the fact of writing, so adamantly. Over the time growing up, it was a way to see beyond his surroundings. CΠΩTΣ is not speaking of the surroundings of the world, but speaking of the inward surroundings, of learning who he was, to himself. 

At an early age, CΠΩTΣ knew the world held many challenges. He'd heard of the Black Panther Movement, the walks and talks of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the courage of Assata, the testaments of Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding, with the most powerful stance of Miles Davis in Paradise (Paris). 

Yes, all those points of reference would meld together, as it is the story of Life pushed and expressed in action, words, and music. Every Sunday, the meeting of minds at his grandmother's home, where they listened mostly to jazz instrumentals that 'Pops' (Grandfather) loved filled the room. Grown folks spoke of politics, religion, music, and ethics. 

Yet, CΠΩTΣ was most awakened in writing (sharing it) while playing a 45rpm record of Prince's, "How Come You Don't Call Me Anymore"! His mother kept all these old records and he'd search for sounds, just to write. Again, CΠΩTΣ was accustomed to listening to music without lyrics per 'Pops' love of jazz instrumentals. So, this record was very important to him as a young man. CΠΩTΣ's father was away a great deal of time when he was younger. He knew him, lived with him for some time, but his father was always grinding, working, on his hustle. Therefore, CΠΩTΣ's outlet was here, under this muse of sound and pen to paper. 

During this time, CΠΩTΣ was a B-boy, and Visual Artist. His first caricatures were Deadwood Dick (Nat Turner), Hulk, and Spider-man. One wall in his room was a dedicated canvas, if his chores were done. He hung out in the park, kicked rocks, got his sister's bike stolen at the store, and did just about everything kids would do. CΠΩTΣ got hurt one day playing street ball and messed his ankle up. More than the pain, he was simply upset that he couldn't play anymore. So, he'd picked up the pen and paper to write. 

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Writing has been a continuous release, therapy, habit, 'just because type' of meditation for CΠΩTΣ. For years, He worked the poetry circuit in Cleveland, OH and abroad when his family moved to Tulsa, OK. He attended college at Northeastern State University (Tahlequah, OK) where he'd, for a while, continue writing under the sub pseudo, SIR PRECIOUS (Strong, Intelligent, and Righteous Mind - as the mind is the most precious intangibility). From here, CΠΩTΣ continued his journey into all things of learning of self. He was at an apex of discovery when he woke from a vision. This is where the evolution of the beginning birthed the spiritual to flesh connection in CΠΩTΣ (C.N.O.T.E.). 

CΠΩTΣ means Created Naturally Of True Entity. Definition: becoming at peace with one's own mind, one's on self, thru the revelation of GOD. He began personal and professional growth by using his talents to express concerns, as he saw in life, more through his music. Growing up with Hip Hop, and Jazz as that backdrop, he infuses his being to what he feels needs to be expressed. It has been from CΠΩTΣ's own struggles, as well as, from the empathy of what he sees out here in this world. As CΠΩTΣ says, "I've always been serious, even serious in having fun".

So, I continue....